19 Jun

The Hype Magazine

Backstory: Leo Vance is an exciting 22 year old artist that hails from Toronto, Canada. Honing his craft since the age of 13, the young artist has been mastering beats, mixing and song writing, waiting for his time to stand in the light. Coming from a musical family, father a producer/DJ from Detroit and mother a singer from Toronto, Leo was a natural. At an early age, he was accepted into the Remix Project, a program dedicated to refining the raw talents of young people. The program helps talented artists find success in creative arts, business and recording arts. Artists, Jessie Reyez, Future the Prince, Wondagurl and Rich Kidd are all alums. The Remix Project was a place Leo felt comfortable, like he belonged. The mentorship helped the up-coming artist channel his talents and graduate high school through music.

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